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Fire Suppression



Cooper Fluid Systems is an authorised and certified distributor for the FSI Fluorine free range of fire suppression products.

The FSI Foam-Guard Fire Suppression System utilises Fluorine Free Foam (F3) and is fully accredited by ActivFire and certified to Australian Standard AS 5062:2016. In the event of fire being detected, the Foam-Guard system automatically discharges the Fluorine Free Foam through nozzles placed around the risk areas to extinguish the fire. When the Foam-Guard system discharges, the FSI Fire Alarm Panel installed in the operator’s cabin will activate, alerting the operator and any surrounding personnel enabling them to safely egress the machine.

The FSI system also provides for manual activation and can be installed with many options such as automatic engine shutdown, a secondary detection using thermal heat probes, and an auxiliary spray network for additional or back up support. FSI offer a Loss of Pressure (LOP) system, Rise of Pressure (ROP) system, and the full Electric system.

The Foam-Guard system was developed after significant consultation with industry, equipment manufacturers and contractors. It can be configured to suit applications across a wide range of industries, including mining, forestry, construction, transport, marine and manufacturing. Each system design is undertaken with customer consultation and thorough risk assessment and analysis.

Cooper Fluid Systems provide a complete mobile plant fire suppression service including supply, installation, commissioning, onsite maintenance and fleet audits.

Our Capabilities:

  • Available in LOP (loss of pressure), ROP (rise of pressure) and electric actuation
  • Certified to AS 5062:2016, utilising Fluorine Free Foam (F3)
  • Customisable – external inputs, pressure monitoring and special applications
  • Self-retained silicon caps ensure nozzles are free from debris
  • Self-monitoring alarm panel with wireless capabilities, continually checks wiring integrity
  • Single point isolation upgrades prevents accidental discharge during maintenance events
  • Proven and reliable system in harsh mining conditions

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FSI Fluorine Free (F3) Foam

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FSI Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

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FSI Foam-Guard Electric Fire Suppression System

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FSI Single Point Isolation System

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