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Offline Filtration



Cooper Fluid Systems are a leading service provider of Offline Filtration solutions. Improving oil cleanliness provides increases component life, improves efficiency, reduces unplanned maintenance, increases oil life and also reduces machine downtime. Offline filtration, also known as Kidney Loop, systems allow oil to be filtered in a separate system which allows for the control of flow and pressure. This facilitates the use of elements that are capable of high dirt holding capacity, subsequently removing contaminants, water and degradation products (varnish) with a superior efficiency than standard inline systems. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable team can assist with designing, installing and maintaining an Offline Filtration systems suitable for your requirements.

Our Capabilities:

  • Removes water and oil from a system
  • Can remove 50% of 0.8-micron particles or 98% of 3-micron particles in a single pass
  • Superior dirt holding capacity when compared to surface filtration
  • Non-intrusive to existing system
  • Impervious to system shocks
  • Applicable to diesel, oil and water glycol
  • In-cab and remote monitoring

Manufacturers Brochures

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Donaldson Filtration

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Tecalemit Grease Filters

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